Makes me laugh!

It makes me laugh watching the fat smelly nonce, (often found wanking in the public park bushes of Preston, shouting, “stop licking my balls Fenwick, stop licking my balls,”) complain about the YouTube audience making a big deal of his suggestion of leaving porno mags in the woods to be found by children….

These satanist do not like what they do unto others, done upon themselves…..

Take for example when Captain Justice comically shouted out to a bunch of teenage boys, (as they egged themselves onto jump of a groyne in Brighton), to “get naked.”

I remember with clarity how Grobby Nonce Boy and his Magical Imaginary Girlfriend, Heather Turner (from the now defunct Huxley Files), banged on how Captain Justice and I were wandering along Brighton’s beach asking teenagers to strip naked to satisfy our sexual cravings….

“Matt Taylor is a 3 times convicted stalker and sexual obsessive”

But hey, you have got to pity the sad excuse for a man.

He hasn’t got the self confidence to show himself on screen.

He’s grossly deformed in mind, spirit and body.


He’s a beggar.

He’s fat, smelly and vulgar.

He openingly admits to being a “cunt.”

Poor Grobby Nonce Boy…… Don’t hate him…. Pity him……

Did you hear the one about Christopher Brindle?

There was this guy named Christopher Brindle from Preston who desperately wanted to join the local satanic coven. Finally, he got his big chance and was given the task of supplying a chicken for the satanic sacrifice that was to take place that night. Unfortunately, he forgot to get a chicken in all his excitement. But Christopher was not one to give up so easily, and he had a plan.

Later that night as the coven gathered in the woods, Christopher showed up with a Bernard Matthews frozen turkey!

He was never invited back again!

But still, things worked out for Christopher in the end. Rejected from the 666 Brigade, he eventually got a job at the 77th Brigade, and lived happily ever after.

Brindle shows his true nature!

Boasting of cracking 3000 on Candy Cane, Chris Brindle from Preston returns to form by posting a celebrational response to the sudden and tragic news of Ross Broadstock’s untimely death.

What do you expect from a satanist?

Latest from the Satanists!

The Mouse, (some Scottish paedophile north of the border), says everything I do is “worthless,” while also being the sad pathetic paedo, who scrambles to break the news that I’m back posting dogshit irrelevant videos on YouTube!

A screenshot of his YouTube channel showing three consecutive videos all about me!

Of course when they have nothing else to say, they revert back to the old chest nut:

Satan Lover and Satanic Paedophile leader Dick Dastardly, aka James Swine! Isn’t far behind!

What do the following have in common?

Ruben N, James Swine, Jazzy, MAP Mouse, Sheva Burton, Toad Niedermeier, Elaine Cole, Nadia Marshall, Shellie Mote, Tiger Janus and Arsehole Lashbrook!

Answers on a postcard and sent to Fanny Bones, who will tell if you are correct!

The Pork Swordsman aka The Preston Turd

The reason Chris Brindle, (the 50 year old virgin, and serial public park lurker), has the definition of “Fanny,” pinned to his twitter account, is because he’s never had the experience of “Fanny,” hence pinning a definition of what it is to his Twitter account to remind him, what he’s never had…

A big dick!
Here Emily T describes what a sexual encounter with Brindle is like!